Welcome to Reflective Musings. I’ve started and stopped multiple blogs before, and this may be the first to really stick. I put that mostly down to being focussed for once, and the focus is on reviewing resources for the Christian life. Most of what I review will be favorable, mainly because I don’t usually finish something I don’t actually benefit from reading/listening/watching, and I cannot review something I’ve not fully investigated.

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions, or even post a small review of your own if you think it will give a different perspective. But also be aware this blog does not exist to debate whether Jesus is who He says He is or not. Such posts will be removed. My assumption in writing for this blog is that the reader is a Christian who wants to find good resources to equip themselves for a better understanding of the faith, and to better worship God.

There will be some posts/series that don’t fit the review category, and they’ll be (somewhat) neatly filed under “Ramblings”. Anything else will be considered “Random”.

A bit of background on me: I was born and raised in England, studied theology at the University of Birmingham (England), and moved to the U.S. to marry my dear Sarah. We live in Nampa, ID with our 2 sons and 3 chickens. I work in IT for a medical group and help pastor a Foursquare Church. I rock the guitar, and dance like an inebriated gibbon.

Addendum 11/10/10: Since getting this thing rolling again, there has been an increase of posts not in the review category. Isn’t that nice? So the focus expanded a little, and I am currently dipping my toes into the water of community-blogging. Maybe there will be more than one voice on here…

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