moving time

15 Dec

I moved! Yes, today, I went self-hosted, with the help of the super awesome Stevo Williams at Blindin Design. The new web address is and here’s what you need to know:

1) All the previous content (including comments) was moved over to the new site. However, the user accounts are just pointers so if you registered on this blog, you’re going to have to register on the new blog now.

2) The site design is pretty much the same – it was the quickest way to get all the content in place, formatted, and live. A redesign is in the wings, but I need a bit more time.

3) All of this is to pave the way for two things. I want to have better access to track visits, learn what content people really dig and make more of it. And, I will be starting to post some audio in the New Year, so I needed room to grow.

If you have subscribed to this blog, thank you! Now go to the new blog at and resubscribe!

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