Called to Worship

12 Jan

Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God’s Call by Vernon M. Whaley is a survey of worship throughout the Bible. I received a copy for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing’s and have been thoroughly impressed with this weighty tome. Whaley clearly has a heart for worshipping God, and an intimate knowledge of the Scriptures. The strength of this book is how approachable both the style and structure are. Let’s deal with the structure first.
The book follows the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, examining the patterns of worship, and lessons about worship, that we find. Whaley draws themes throughout the book, building foundationally, so that reading chronologically pays dividends. However, I believe that this book will long reside close at hand so that I can return to specific passages depending on which section of the Bible I’m currently studying – in essence becoming worship focused study notes for the Biblical narrative.
I also really appreciated the review sections at the end of each chapter, and they way they caused me to reflect on Dr. Whaley’s teaching and consider how I should respond – mostly by repentance and renewal!
Finally, stylistically, this book reads as though you are sitting with Dr. Whaley as he personally leads you through the material. Though conversational, and highly readable, there is also authority and excellence to his writing.
Thanks, Dr. Whaley, for expressing your heart for worship, and teaching so clearly the precedents and call for Biblical worship.

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