Eyes Wide Open

14 May

ewo_coverOnce in a while a book comes along that makes you breathe a little easier, that brings liberty along with conviction. I’m convinced that “Eyes Wide Open” by Jud Wilhite is such a book. The concept is not new: we are loved by God because He loved us first, not because we measured up in some way. Thank God for unoriginal books that manage to plant the seeds of long standing truth in our contemporary hearts.

Jud has an abundant heart towards people that shines from his words, both in compassion for their pain and in determination that they not remain as they are. He is also brutally honest about his own shortfalls, but in no way does he glamorize them. He uses them to encourage us into a relationship with God where His love is the cause of our metamorphosis.

Both biblical and practical, this is a solid book on grace and living within the boundaries of who God says we are. I’ve read similar work in Neil Anderson’s “Victory Over the Darkness” and whilst I thoroughly recommend that book, I found myself more drawn to Jud’s voice – the inherent concepts of identity in both books are similar, but it’s just plain easier to read “Eyes Wide Open.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with the concept of who God is making you to be, and that He loves you today in the midst of your muck and mire, I wholeheartedly recommend you pick up this book and spend some time listening to the words of a pastor.

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